Staying healthy v Cv19

Following Government guidance back in July we undertook a SARSCov2 risk assessment. 

Of course many of our lovely customers choose Chantry Farm for social distancing reasons anyway - a little time with less people, close to nature and a lot of personal space..  Most days we have a winter maximum of 15 guests only, and the farm covers 52 acres!

We frequently disinfected the main communal 'touch points' such as water taps.  There will be disinfectant spray bottles available at all common touch points so you can also do this yourself.  

Our state of the art hygienic Natsol composting loos will also have additional disinfection blasts.  

Water  We are pleased to point out that all our water - potable and tanked non-potable for washing you - your hands.. your hands..and washing dishes, comes from our own borehole which is regularly tested for a mighty list of potential contaminants.  The most recent test - June 2020, came back with all areas looking good! Excellent in fact.  Whereas, for example in Paris, it appeared that the SARsCov2 virus was in the municipal (non potable) water supply (!) - to the point they turned the city fountains off..  don't want that spraying around.. So, we have a supply for drinking which has been calmly making its way through a deep chalk aquifer - plus 2 sediment filters and UV when it reaches the surface at Chantry Farm. We think its as lovely a water supply as anyone could wish for. 

The Shepherd's Huts will not be booked 'back to back' - at least 24 hours is being left between bookings, and as always, they will be super well ventilated.  The 16' Family Hut is probably as airy as accommodation gets with its epic sunset shutters..  Of course bedding, towels, flannels are all  freshly laundered for every guest, and all surfaces cleaned, but we are also adding a disinfecting door handles and the lovely 'crook' window stays..  

Dogs:  As both cats and dogs, (as well as a tiger in the Bronx zoo!) have been shown to be carriers of the virus, it is a strict requirement that you keep your dog on a lead at all times during your stay.  Sorry to our canine friends for that.. 

If you have any particular concerns or requests related to SARsCv2, please send an email to  

Its not in the news much, but logic tells us that sunshine, (good old Vitamin D) copious amount of fresh air and a happy heart, go a long way to keeping the Doctor away. Although we do have quite a few health professionals who choose to stay here too..  and of course observant people will have noticed that the pandemic of actual widespread serious illness and death finished in the UK in about May.  

Chantry Farm, via Pyecombe Street, Sussex BN45 7EE

15 mins from Brighton.  London: 1 hr train (to Hassocks) then taxi or walk

Refund policy:   >30 days notice - 90% refund;   29-15 days = 50% refund 14 - 2 days 10%. 


Tel: 07540350384 

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