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the Eco experience

As sustainable a holiday as it gets?  If you want: To travel by public transport - Buses from Brighton to the bottom of the track (#17), or train from London to Hassocks.. or walk the South Downs Way..!  Even if you drive, its likely a short one (and you didn't fly.. so THANK YOU) - but parking is limited so please book your car in.   Gorgeous, clean, composting loos - Natsol's super tech:  Join the 'we give a crap' (about the planet and our water) movement!  Under the cover of a starry sky, you are also welcome to 'Pee at your Pitch'. Who doesn't?   With such spacious pitches and limit on numbers, it works just fine.  Washing your precious bod = somewhere between Zen and the Victorian Era.. Hot water, hippo buckets and freshly laundered flannels await you.  Chantry Farm is totally off-grid, but there is plenty of solar power to recharge your phone, or those clever little packs organised people have, or even pump up an air bed (you can also hire cotton futon rolls from us - which last a lot longer than most air beds.. and never let you down in the night).. so you can relax and recharge You!  

Bucket Wash Beauty
The Green Loos

The 2 'shower' cubicles - one en plein, with piping hot water from the Burco (soon to be Solar Thermal!) and flannels:  Somewhere in the last hundred years, with those new fangled showers,  we forgot how important less water and more exfoliatation is.. feel as refreshed as our cyclist friend in the vid!   

Two composting loos, with state of the art Natsol twin vault systems, cleverly separate your pee.. (you can also pee at your pitch - just like the sheep next door).  We honoured the eco-loos, by installing them  with a handcrafted oak porch - the timber from a wood in Poynings.. so close you can see it from here! 

Demo with Mark.jpg
Tapping into the Aquifer..

With such a gorgeous naturally pure chalk aquifer under our feet we did think of bottling it commercially, but for you, its free!  In 2011 a borehole was drilled down 84m, and struck beautiful clear water.  Tested each year, and gently sediment-filtered its better quality than a lot of water in the shops.. and that means we all dispense with the plastic.. 

Proper Recycling

We have 5 recycling 'streams' - metal, glass, paper and plastic and ally:  Please keep it all clean!​  Use The Crusher for your drinks cans.  With enough cans, we actually make some money back! Not so with paper, some of which is composted here, and some cardboard is cut into strips, dipped into melted wax (we have a lot of old candles too).. and that makes our eco-fire lighters:  Yay!  Glass and plastic (clean and just the rigid stuff) we appreciate if you take home, but if you leave it with us clean, that's just fine.  Yes, it takes a few minutes to sort (we've noticed kids are v good at that) - its a meaningful Thank You to the countryside for being so lovely. 

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