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How to book:

Please email   This year the weekends we are open have meditative themes - click here for example.  

Families welcome - please let us know 1) Number of adults  2) Number of children (any under 5s?) 3) Cars   4) Dogs 

 2 night minimum stay.  With meditation/guidance sessions included Fri & Sat nights = £40 (ie £20/n) 

Children - 5 - 16 yrs £8 Under 5s £5, Cars £8 for 2 nights.  Dogs £5/n.  


We ask for full payment online and you will receive an email confirmation soon after.


This is something of an unusual season - we are finding ways to provide a nurturing space with cohesion and care - as well as joy.  Don’t worry about kids making some noise.. sound meditations are also good.. but the aim is grounded calmness by the Sunday! 

The Shepherd’s Huts are also available to book.  12’ Hut is £184 for the weekend up to 2 adults 

                                                                                          16’ Family Hut is £234 for the weekend up to 2 adults and 2 children.

These are the only Own Tent weekends available:  

May 1 st weekend, May 28&29, June 11&12, June 25&26, July 2&3, July 16&17, July 30&31, August 6&7, August 20&21

On the above dates, its very likely, if you want to join us in this new venture, there is space for you. As of April 10th, we’ve just set this up.. These are tough times and we’ve worked hard to find a way to respond - it’s important to cherish what is precious and help each other is possible, hence a somewhat more mindful time here - we hope!   If you’d like to ask questions by phone, call between noon and 5pm.  Otherwise email   Thank you.

There are some other opportunities for contemplative time in the Shepherd’s Huts.. 3 night minimum stays, with bespoke meditation guidance on Day 1..  


Your facilitators:  Kay Irvine and Beki Adam - both were Buddhist nuns in the Tibetan/Vajrayana tradition, each for more than 15 yrs, completing various intensive retreats, as well as having the blessing of their lineages to teach.      

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