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Pair of Acorns

CHantry's STORY

A film made in 2018 "In the Mists of Time, 200 million years - The Bronze Age" documents the formation of the land which is now  Chantry Farm.  In 20 mins we whizz right through 200m years, and up the hill with an archeologist, to learn about the 'nationally important' Bronze Age monuments.  It's epic stuff (if you book to stay and would like to watch the doc on the Big Screen in the Barn, please ask).  Some time later, in 2003, Beki had a dream.  Literally, the land appeared in a dream...  Where was that vast open space?  Beki was in a Buddhist retreat in upstate New York at the time.... England, yes, Sussex, hmm, maybe..   Skip forward to 2010, and again it appeared - this time on the internet - Chantry Farm and the ancient monument were for sale.. and soon after,  a life changing purchase was made!   Since then its been a long road through planning permissions and licences to make your camping experience as eco and easy - and natural, as possible.   Humans first made their mark four thousand years ago.. and we step gently now...  In 2011, we carefully drilled 84 metres into the pristine chalk to extract superb quality drinking water - we bottle it sometimes.. and so:  There is no way poo-ing in water is OK here.. state of the art Natsol Composting Loos were installed in 2016 - and do the job!  This is 'proper' eco-camping.  The 24v solar pv (think normal 3 pin plug sockets with no pylons, just 12 panels) came in 2017 - oh and some hunky batteries.. Your washing up water and 'bucket shower run off  ('grey water treatment' in the trade) - filtering your food bits from the washing up, still works as well as it always did.  There might even be some solar showers by the end of 2020, but for now, please enjoy the old fashioned bucket wash with complementary flannel and piping hot  gas heated (whoops) water.  The campsite occupies 9 acres including an orchard, of the 54 acre farm - and you are free to roam most of it, as well as the National Trust land which surrounds us - just remember to close the gates.. the sheep like to take a wander and partake of a more varied diet if they get the chance.  They'll eat the orchids, heath bed-straw, wild marjoram, trefoil, young ash...  


Bronze age monuments take you back.. Ponder the timelessness.. Listen to the birds..Watch out for the barn owls 

Local shops and cafes
Your Own Fire Pit
eco-wash experience! 
Clean composting loos

"We should tell everyone about it.. No, let's not

Pine Spruce Branches 9

“Words can't relay how beautiful a place it is" 

“We both had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the fresh air, walks, tranquility, Royal Oak grub, the list is endless"

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