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7 pitches, 8 acres

Relax in glorious space! Usually max  30 guests =  no overlapping guy ropes here!

Prices per night 

Adult    £18 

Children 5-16 £12

Under 5s £5 

Car £5

Dog £5

Film* Screening £28 (up to 4 people then £6/person)

Local Logs £8 (welcome to byo- untreated!)

Van £6

Motorbike £4

FIre pits - Free

Phone Charging - Free

Heavenly South Downs filtered drinking water Free

Hire futon rolls £4.50 (2 nights £6)

Hire huge 90l IceyTech Cool Box £18 (2 nights £24 we freeze blocks)

Ask if you forget your corkscrew/tin opener etc.. we have


* In the Mists of Time: 200m Years to the Bronze Age.  26 min documentary filmed at Chantry Farm

with Dr Pope from Institute of Archeology and a few extra mins of the Barn Owls here in close up

As with most eco-campsites, cars stay in the carpark, = no slamming doors at night, or car radios...  

 Borrow a hand-cart for moving stuff (or children) the 60m or so to your piece of South Downs heaven.    Clean composting loos and wash block - we even provide flannels.  

Drinking water, Washing up (we supply the eco-liquid) and phone charging in the barn.

Thank you for making the extra effort to book via email and really caring about a genuinely sustainable campsite which provides oodles of space and loos. To keep things calm, we limit group sizes.

Sleep off-grid, earth your dreams, wake refreshed

We've noticed children chill out most when they stay 2 nights, - 1 simply isn't enough.. waking up and sleeping again in the same earth-connected abode is precious.. especially if there is some open fire cooking in the middle.. 


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