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Jack & Jill Pub

Chantry Farm

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Easy 40 minute walk to pub with good food (including decent veggie selection) and lovely beer garden looking back at Wolstonbury Hill. You can even see our Round Barrow from your table. Ignore dodgy carpet & decor.

Enter the Roman Droveway, walk up until you reach a gap in the hedge on the left (25m)  Duck into the field (12’ Shepherd’s Hut will then be on your left) Walk to the top of the field (up the SW flank of Wolstonbury Hill)  you’ll end up between our Platform and Round Barrow where a lovely view opens up in all directions over the Weald, down to Brighton and even up to the North Downs. You’ll see the Jack and Jill windmills on Clayton Hill off to the right.

Once at the top, turn towards the windmills, climb over our fence (sorry the National Trust just barb-wired it :( so take care), and head through the National Trusts gate on right, following the chalk bridleway downwards (heading towards Jack and Jill) until the next gate. Go through it and turn immediately left.  (This is a ‘crossroads’ of several footpaths)

Follow the path straight and down into the woods,  walk on, through some hazel arches, until you arrive at New Way Lane. Turn Right. Follow this to the end where you will see the pub on your left just before the A273.

gorgeous views!

Jack & Jill Windmills

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