HOw to find us


5 local Buses:

#17 + 33 nearest to us

Departs:  Brighton

7 days a week

Mon-Sat 8am - 7pm

tell driver you want “Pyecombe Footbridge” walk over A23 footbridge to Pyecombe Street.

Return to Brighton:

Departs from A23 lay-by down from Pyecombe St

Monday-Saturday 8.20am thru to 6.20pm 

Bus 17 operates less frequently on Sundays.

Brighton - Hassocks Buses 40, 40x, 271 and 273 frequent.. From the stop on Clayton Hill (3 Greys) - you can enjoy a breath-taking 20 min walk to us across fields. 

From London:  Take the Hassocks (A273) turn-off, then left at T-junction.  Turn first right - when you reach post/phone box in Pyecombe Street. keep on going!

On Site Parking is limited - please pay in advance, it’s £5/night

Chantry Farm

Pyecombe Street

BN45 7EE

15 mins outside

Brighton.  Improved bus services to Brighton means its an easy ride.

A jolly interesting 20 min cycle with a push here or there if you aren’t so fit, chose from almost all cross country below ..or take the  and dip down into Pyecombe village first

CYCLING or taxi (£10) from Hassocks Train Station

(London - Bton line)

Farm buildings are just off camera at bottom.. You come over the fence at the top of hill, where ‘A’ is, and cycle /walk down  our big (white) field.. mind the sheep!

From  Hassocks follow the railway line to Jack and Jill pub, then cross over into New Way Lane.. and turn left at The Warrene - then its up up up

Buses Continued:  Also the 40, 40x 271 and 273 along with C3 community bus all run to and fro from Pyecombe 24 hour garage with a handy M&S shop..

Its quicker into Brighton by bus (in summer on weekends the bus whizzes along in its own lane past lots of tourist traffic!)

We are at top of track from Pyecombe Street.  Keep heading up.. If you didn’t pay to park on farm, park near Dale House before post box.
Look out for sign in Pyecombe St “NO VEHICLES except for access to Chantry Farm”