it’s back to basics here on Chantry Farm. For a lot of folk (under 40 especially), its the first chance they have to discover the merits of a flannel.  That’s an adventure in itself surely.  The ghosts of shepherd’s past may shake their funny hats at how thrown we moderners are when faced with..

Washing You - en plein air or in the barn

What you throw ‘away’

Composting Loos

Washing Up

Washing up in the barn area, we’ve progressed to tables since this pic was taken, and have hot water too..

Our old composting loo is being replaced - but it served us well:  “The green loo was immaculately clean the whole time” -  

We’re installing Natsol super deluxe loos for 2017!  NO nasty non-bio wet wipes in the chamber PLEASE.  Not using precious water to poo in but instead letting what was in our bodies fulfill its natural cycle and return to being decent compost again makes 100% sense.  We don’t ask you to shovel it out.

There is no ‘away’ really.  That was a late 20th Century con - which didn’t fool the old shepherds. It all goes somewhere.  We’ve got recycling bins and can compost most bio bits, but if your airbed or cheapo chair breaks, please take them home..and think about them there..   Wet-wipes, yet again, aren’t biodegradable, so they don’t go in the paper bin.  What is it with wet wipe users?  We love vegans because they seem to throw away the least stuff. How is that?

A photo by Jacqmila from Hong Kong of some chairs.  J and her friends has never been in a field before coming the farm.  They didn’t seem to want to go home..  This nice composition is here to remind you that your holiday at Chantry Farm works best if you take your time in doing things.. No dishwasher, no shower, just a handful of sawdust to ‘flush’ your poo, (and you can pee outside at night whilst loving the stars).. no rush.  Even rinsing out your yoghurt pot and hanging your flannel on a guy rope can become an adventure in restfulness.  Unless you get the wrong tent. 

Washing You:  Hot water, a flannel, privacy, and a recognition everyone used to wash like this a while back.. Plus some soil-microbe-friendly soap?

We don’t inspect your choice of shampoo, but as, whatever the drainage system, ‘personal care product chemicals’ are starting to appear in groundwater all over the UK (which we all rely on to drink..), it’d be good to think about what’s in yours.. 

“I want to wash like this at home Harvey to his Mum.

Composting loos, because Pooing in water is weird - or foul if you think about it..

Hippo bucket of hot water from the barn..and you’re away